New Outlook – Rolling out My Own Blog Engine

For the last couple of years I was using wordpress as my blogging platform, it is an awesome framework but finally I decided to move away from it and created my own blog engine(Rhyble), on which this blog is running now.

Rhyble is built using Asp.Net MVC3, NHiberanate and it is running Appharbor

You might ask why I want reinvent the wheel again because we have many blog engines available today. Jeff Atwood answered that question here - Why does every man and his dog want to code a blogging engine?

These were my objectives when I started creating Rhyble

  1. Focus on the most important functionalities, doesn’t want to create another wordpress with truck full of unwanted things
  2. Improve the performance. Now I have YSlow rating of 94 compared to 65
  3. I didn’t wanted to go through the existing blog engines code base, which is more time consuming than creating a new one

YSlow previous and current ratings

More over it is a nice feeling if you have something you own. Now I have platform of my own and next things should be blogging frequently.

That’s it for the day.